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A Little About Me

Welcome to Sparkling Divine!  I’m Jamie and I LOVE baking delicious gourmet treats that sparkle and taste like heaven!  I’m a fully licensed and certified home- based baker located in Peoria, Arizona.

Initially, I started baking birthday cakes for my girls when they were little.  This was way before Pinterest and Google and the only inspiration came from the Wilton cake books found at Michaels craft stores.  Then came along the internet where all kinds of fun creations could be discovered so easily!  Soon, I started making cakes and desserts for friends and family who also got to be part of my baking “experiments!”  It wasn’t too bad I promise!

With my daughters grown, I can focus on pursuing my dream to provide others with heavenly gourmet desserts for those everyday occasions, special occasions or just because a girl (or guy) needs some chocolate occasions!  I bake all my recipes from scratch (with a few passed down from grandma) and choose to use only the finest ingredients!

Now, it’s time to look around, pick your favorites (try not to drool too much) and give me a call!  I’m so happy you stopped by and I can’t wait to bring a little sparkle and a sweet taste of heaven into your life!




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